Solar Home Lighting system
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Solar Home Lighting system
  • Microcontroller based maximum power point tracking technology(MPPT)
  • Maintain CC-CV
  • Charging Kit with USB output to charge mobile, mp3 player and Etc.
  • Battery management with Overcharge protection and Low battery cut off
  • Polycrystalline Photovoltaic Solar Panel Module
  • Dimming Facility- 3 stage dimming facility of luminaries for power saving and better running time
  • Running time 5 to 6 hours on full Load Battery low, charging ON indication
  • Eco friendly power backup system
  • Pay and go financing model

High Street Lighting provides an ideal Solar Home Lighting System which is not only affordable but also efficient and effective. It is an eco-friendly product which acts as a source of Sustainable energy as well. The solar cells integrated into the device turn the energy of the sun into electricity.

This power is stored within the lithium-ion battery and used whenever vital to light up the room. The proper domestic lighting is compact, light-weight, and easy to install. The system‘s additives include solar cells, solar battery, charging controller, lights, and fans.

Pay As You Go

Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG), as the name suggests, allows customers to buy off-grid solar electricity from a solar panel on a pay-as-you-go basis. The software installed within solar panels, which facilitates these payments, is referred to as PAYG technology. As a result of the technology, solar customers are not required to pay heavy down payments on initial technology purchases or costly interest rates while repaying debt.

Benefits of HSL Home Lighting System
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